2024 7th International Conference on Civil Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management (CAHEM 2024)

CAHEM 2023


2023 6th International Conference on Civil Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management

第六届土木建筑、水电与工程管理学术会议(CAHEM 2023)

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2023 6th International Conference on Civil Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management has been held online on September 8, 2023..CAHEM 2023 includes 4 keynote speakers and 8 oral speakers and 2 posters presentation to share academic reports. Thanks to the support of experts and scholars!

第六届土木建筑、水电与工程管理学术会议(CAHEM 2023)已于2023年9月8日召开线上会议。会议由中山大学、昆明理工大学津桥学院建筑工程学院支持举办,会议包括4位主讲嘉宾及8位口头报告学者、2位学者的海报展示的等术分享。感谢参与及听取报告的各位学者!


Keynote Speeches/主旨报告 

Prof. Peng Liu, Kunming University of Science and Technology Oxbridge College



Speech Title: Research on Building Structure Design and Technology for Smart Resilient Cities

Assoc. Prof. Yu Chen, Sun Yat-sen University



Speech Title:Disaster Prevention and Control of Highway Tunnel under Extreme Conditions

Prof. Fadi Hage Chehade, Institut Supérieur du Batiment et Travaux Publics

Fadi Hage Chehade,教授,高等建筑与公共工程学院


Speech Title:Smart Reconstruction After a Natural or Man-Made Disaster: Feedback, Methodology and Application to the Beirut Harbor Disaster

Prof. Brijesh Kumar Yadav, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee

Brijesh Kumar Yadav,教授,鲁尔基理工学院


Speech Title:CO2 Geo-sequestration in Deep Saline Aquifers: An Efficient Measure for Curbing GHG Emission

List of Oral Presentation   口头报告名单

Qianqian Sun, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology  孙倩倩,西安建筑科技大学

Yingzhao Qiu, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology  仇迎招,西安建筑科技大学

Qinqin Tu, Liaoning Technical University  涂钦钦,辽宁工程技术大学

Jian Yang, Liaoning Technical University  杨健,辽宁工程技术大学

Mingjie Hou, Shanghai Maritime University  侯明杰,上海海事大学,

Wenfeng Xu, Liaoning Technical University  许文凤,辽宁工程技术大学

Zhenquan Zhou, UCSI University  周桢佺,马来西亚思特雅大学

Xiaofeng Hua, Southwest Petroleum University  花小凤,西南石油大学

gif057.gifPoster 海报展示

The conference attracted many experts and scholars from universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad to participate in the conference on-site. During the conference, the participants carried out a constructive dialogue and discussion around the experts and scholars' reports, achieved positive results in many aspects, and deepened the academic discussion and research exchange in Civil Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management and other fields. 

Academic Exchange Information Center (AEIC) help the conference to be held successfully with practical actions. In the future, AEIC will also continue to uphold the academic service spirit of "professionalism, concentration and focus", take promoting academic prosperity as the starting point and end result, carry out various academic exchange activities, and jointly promote the development of academic research and applied research.